Maui Jim Baby Beach Blue

blue-hawaii-4-frames-700x390I never thought the day would come when Maui Jim would offer a blue mirror coating, but alas that day has arrived.  In October the sunglass company rolled out its new Blue Hawaii lens.

So what are the benefits of the Blue Hawaii lens?   To my mind the benefits stem from both the cosmetic and the utilitarian.  Let’s start with the cosmetic.  The blue ash color is freaking beautiful!  It is calm and cool just like the blue sky.  There is something so serene about it.  The utilitarian benefit is that the blue flash mirror as applied to the Polarized Plus 2 Neutral Grey lens reduces the amount of light that passes through.  The shade of grey is slightly lighter than the standard grey polarized, which makes this lens is quite nice for either a sunny or partly cloudy day.

As of this writing Blue Hawaii is available in six styles which are Wiki Wiki, Mavericks, Cliffhouse, Baby Beach (all pictured above), and Sweet Leilani and Leia (not yet released).  Sweet Leilani and Leia include the Maui Jim Super Think Glass lenses while the Wiki Wiki, Mavericks, Cliffhouse, and Baby Beach include the Maui Pure lens material.

Come and get them while they are here! They are sure to be a hot commodity.