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Welcome to Fusion Eyecare

An amalgamation of Dr. Counts and Pratt of Terrace Vision Care, and Dr. Pietralla and Gonzales of Park Optometry, Fusion Eyecare provides full scope optometric care, on site edging lab, and an array of trend-setting eyewear and lenses.

The office opened in mid April 2016 at the previous location of Park Optometry, with twice the space, doctors and staff, and frame selection.

At Fusion Eyecare, we are committed to a team approach to patient care to provide you with the information and service you need to have the best vision possible. All of our staff participate in regular continuing education to stay up-to-date on new technology and materials in eye care.

Everyone in the office, from the smiling face that will greet you at reception or on the phone, to the caring person who takes you through preliminary and supplementary testing procedures requested by the doctor, to the friendly and knowledgeable assistant who helps you in the dispensary, is focused on meeting your vision health needs and making you feel comfortable throughout the time you spend with us.

Our Advantages

Premium Lenses & Coatings

Nikon, Hoya, High Index, Digital Progressives, Computer, Transitions, Anti-Glare, and High Energy Blue light coatings are some of the vast array of lenses and coatings we have to solve each individual’s visual needs.  See our Products Page for more details.

A Full Range of Ocular Services

Comprehensive Eye exams, Contact Lenses and Solutions, Low Vision, Visual Fields, Retinal Imaging, Surgical Co-management, Ocular Emergencies, On-Site Lab, Prescription Sun, Safety and Dress Wear.  Fusion Eyecare has all the answers to your ocular needs.

Quality Eye Drops and Supplements

Our Doctors recommend only the best ocular vitamins and supplements for eye health, including artificial tears, lid hygiene products. Our Eye Doctors can also prescribe topical medications for red eyes, dry eyes, glaucoma and eye infections.

Discounts for Multiple Pairs

Our visual needs are extensive; relying on one pair of glasses is like using one pair of shoes for everything you do. When purchasing your primary pair of glasses, ask about our incredible discounts on dedicated glasses for reading, computer and sun.

Meet Our Team

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