Welcome to Fusion Eyecare

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Located at the old Terrace Park Optometry across from the Library,
Fusion Eyecare Terrace is the Pacific Northwest’s largest optometric clinic.

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Park Optometry

and Terrace Vision Care


Professional and progressive.

Exceptional service.

We are excited to show you our new optical.
Stop by and have a look today at the new practice,
or book an appointment with Dr. Counts, Pietralla, Pratt or Gonzales.

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Welcome to Fusion Eyecare

family’s visual needs.

Caring for all your

Comprehensive exams, glasses, contact lenses, surgical co-management, eye health:
Fusion Eyecare is a full service clinic.

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Welcome to Fusion Eyecare

begins with a full eye examination.

Children's learning

Our eye doctors are highly trained
to detect early indicators which may affect learning.

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

We examine binocular vision/eye muscle function, focusing ability, peripheral vision screening, eye pressure, and total eye health.

Brand Name Frames and Lenses

Designer frames and state of the art digital lenses create a beautiful combination for fashionable clear vision.

State of the Art Diagnostic Imaging

State of the art retinal laser scanning photography, the Optos allows the doctor a fast, easy, detailed view of the retina.

Surgical Comanagement

We work closely with your surgeon to ensure you get the pre- and post-operative care you need, whether it is for eye disease or laser refractive surgery.  

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